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Tour Guiding & Planning Features

An award winning Mobile Application for Android and iPhone Smartphones with unparalleled features.

Walking Tour

An interactive floor and site plan of each location with numbered key sites based on tour flow.

Key Sights

A Visual, Textual and Audio description of the "Must See" Sights during the Tour.


A chronological display of key events during the locations lifetime.

Activity Booking

Make your trip hassle-free and enjoyable by booking activities and tickets on your Smartphone.

Key Tourist Information

All the information to plan your trip including Weather, Location Map, Hotels & Restaurants and a lot more.

Offline Usage

Your favourite Mobile Tour Guiding App Guiddoo is available without an active internet connection to save on "Expensive" Data Roaming Charges.

Your Personal Tour Guide on a holiday.

We at Guiddoo continuously want to provide fellow travellers with the most helpful, accurate and resourceful tool by providing:

  • Innovative Technology like Augmented Reality, GPS & Beacon Guiding
  • Handsfree Solutions like Google Glass and Ocolus VR
  • Authentic and Well Researched Content Repository for tourism verticals
  • Biggest Repository of In-Location points on your Smartphone

Miles ahead of the alternatives

Tired of the nagging tour guides and dont feel like using the boring audio guides and travel books. Trust us its time to shift to a personal and "At your Pace" alternative aka Guiddoo - Your Personal Tour Guide on your next trip to a monument, museum or a location of touristic importance.

Guiddoo is available on Android Play Store and iPhone App Store for download and the Audio-Visual Tour Guide can be downloaded on your Smartphone to be used without an active internet connection at the tour location.

Let us show you a Video

Time to see a video and meet Guiddoo - Your Personal Tour Guide and see the various interesting featrures and options Guiddoo provides to you while on your holiday.

Also share your memories with friends and family back home with the great social tools integrated on Guiddoo. Just snap an image and share it across your social networks.

To Sum it Up

Guiddoo is the best tour guiding and planning mobile app on the App Stores.

Tour Guiding

An innovative and cross platform tour guiding solution that provides Audio-Visual Tour Guides for Monuments, Museums and other tourist spots across the world.

Tour Planning

Use Guiddoo as a one stop shop for tour planning by booking tour activities and tickets as well as plan travel arrangements like Hotels and Restaurants based on local advice and reviews that are curated by our local travel advisors.

24/7 Local Support

Launching soon on Guiddoo, Our local travel specialists who work as tour guides or write extensively for travel to specific destinations will provide you with 24X7 Support and Local Tips to make your trip interesting and special.

Guiddoo in the News

Guiddoo has been acknowledged as a technology disruptor in the Tour Guiding and Planning Space and highlighted across various media outlets.

Awards and Achivements

International Recognitions that establish Guiddoo as a leader in Technology and Content on the Mobile and Hands-Free Platforms.

Affordable Packages that dont pinch

Guiddoo offers a Freemium Model with In-App Purchases that provide better value that Local Tour Guides and In-Destination Audio Guides.

Single Locations

$1.99 /location

  • One In-Destination Tour
  • Activity Booking
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Email Support
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • Offline Usage

Complete Tourism Vertical

$4.99 /vertical

  • Full Destinations across a Tourism Vertical
  • Activity Booking
  • Social Media Sharing
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Available on Android and iPhone
  • Offline Usage

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