About Us

Isn’t the world simply amazing? There are countless places to visit – places that no one has even explored yet… How could you ever just stay in one place?

Hi, my name is Mylene Mace and I have been a travel blogger for almost six years now. I write freelance, for any blog that wants my articles. It takes me all over the world! 

When I graduated from college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So, I ran away from it all. At least, that’s what my parents called it. I hopped on the first plane out of my state and never looked back. 

Now, I have visited five of the seven continents, making money from my experiences along the way. I still haven’t come home to face my responsibilities… 

Mylene Mace

Needless to say, I found my dream job after escaping the small town I grew up in. I’ve traveled across America, as well as around the rest of the world. 

While I write about everything to do with travel, I have always found a gravitational pull toward the different foods of the world. It’s so amazing how different cultures offer their own delicious cuisine!

I’m showing no signs of slowing down in my quest to see the corners of the earth, but I now want to document what I’ve learned online. Enter: my website.

Please enjoy the ramblings of my inner thoughts and my recommendations on the best places on our earth. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you out there, sometime!