12 Beautiful Beaches In Virginia To Visit

When you think of beaches that you want to relax on during a well-earned vacation, Virginia state might not be the first place that comes to mind. At least, when compared to more southern states, such as Florida.

12 Beautiful Beaches In Virginia To Visit

However, with hundreds of miles of coastline across this history-filled part of the United States, there is plenty to be found on the shores of this old American state.

If you want to find the best places to visit for yourself, then keep reading to find the best and most beautiful beaches in this Northwest state.

Virginia Beach

Of course, if we’re talking about beaches in Virginia to visit, we couldn’t exactly forget about Virginia Beach itself!

This city-side beach is the place where the Chesapeake Bay meets the waters of the Atlantic.

As you can imagine, it gets quite the waves, that’s for sure!

Being a decently sized city that sits on the shoreline, this means that you have plenty of amenities and places to check out when you are here.

With tons of restaurants and entertainment hotspots, there’s plenty to do around here, as well as admiring the sea whilst sitting out on the stretched-out beachfront!

For our money, we reckon that the best place to stay here is on Atlantic Avenue, for the best locale between all the tourist spots you could want to visit.

Westmoreland State Park Beach

However, if you’re looking for a shoreline that is a little further into the great wilds and away from the hustle and bustle of a city beach, then you’re going to want to check out one of the numerous state parks that can be found across the state.

If you’re asking for our opinion (and well, you did click on our page, so you’re probably asking for it), we reckon that Westmoreland State Park is one of the best options for you to pick.

Found along the northern neck of Virginia’s north (unsurprisingly), this beach is one you have to work for a little, being found at the end of the Big Meadow Trail a mile-long hike.

However, the little nestles shoreline that you’ll find here, Fossil Beach, is quite the reward to find for yourself!

With kayaking opportunities and even a few fossil hunting opportunities, this is the perfect beach for those lovers of the great outdoors.



With such a long stretch of coastline, it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are more than a few spots to find yourself enjoying this great expanse.

Take Sandbridge, for example. It enjoys the same little nook of Virginia that the aforementioned ocean-side city enjoys.

However, it is a little-known location, both to foreigners, and even to folks who aren’t from this neck of the proverbial woods, so to speak.

You still get an amazing collection of amenities to help make your stay here a trip to remember, from hotels to restaurants, to water sports and activities.

Just without a thousand other beachgoers getting in each other’s way.

If you’re looking for a slightly less crowded spot in Virginia Beach, Sandbridge is the place to check out.

Colonial Beach

Located out on the shoreline of Westmoreland County, you didn’t think that the state park was all this like corner of Virginia has to offer, did you?

With this little inland waterway leading straight to the Atlantic, this part of the state is home to truly amazing hidden gems when it comes to beaches.

Colonial Beach is one of those gems, and a pretty big one at that, boasting the second-longest coastline in the state, after Virginia Beach, of course.

This gives you plenty of room and opportunities to do all the activities that you know and love, from paddleboarding to kayaking, to surfing and, of course, swimming and snorkeling.

Cape Charles

Going to the opposite end of the state, we have Cape Charles, found on the Delmarva Peninsula to the south.

The different locale provides a plethora of activities and sites to enjoy.

From the older 19th to 20th-century architecture that the area is known and loved for, to the massive menagerie of different activities on offer at this little beach.

With plenty of opportunities for shallows paddling and rock pool hunting for kids and plenty of fishing locals for adults, there’s plenty to do here!

Assateague Island National Island

One of the things that a lot of people tend to forget when considering beautiful beach stop-offs is the barrier islands that dot the Atlantic coastline.

Virginia has a few to its name, and, in our opinion at least, Assateague National Island is one of the best in the state.

This 37-mile stretch of offshore coastline is home to the well-known Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, as well as the wild horses that live across the barrier island.

Interestingly enough, this Island is split between both Virginia and Maryland.

So, if you’re also looking for a great beach that can be found in Maryland, this one technically counts for both!

Buckroe Beach

Buckroe Beach

If you’re in the neighborhood of Fort Monroe, this is the beach that you should be stopping at to soak up some rays.

The powdery white sand that you’ll find on this picturesque beach feels like the kind of spot that you’d find on a tropical or subtropical getaway, not a hidden, beautiful northern state beach.

And yet, this particular stretch of coast might be one of the best in the northwest!

Bethel Beach Natural Area Preserve

As you can probably tell by this point, we do love a good beach that is part of the natural wildlife and area around it.

So, you can bet that we’re going to vouch for Bethel Beach being one of the best you can find in this corner of the country.

With 105 acres of protected habitat for sea life to thrive this is the perfect place for spotting and watching wildlife, from shore birds to waterway fish,

(no fishing, of course: it is protected!)

You cannot swim here, unfortunately, but you can stroll across the seafront and salt marshes that dot this protected zone.

Just make sure that you have your water-going boots or shoes ready for the trek ahead!

Ocean View Beach

I mean, the name speaks volumes here, doesn’t it?

This coastal area in Norfolk, Virginia is situated right on the Chesapeake Bay shore, it’s not hard to see how this beautiful shoreline got its name.

While this particular corner of the state doesn’t get quite as much traffic coming its way since the 1960s and 70s (with most of it going to the large Virginia Beach), this is still the perfect quiet spot to visit on vacation.

Plus, the 1690-foot-long pier that can be found on this beach was, and still is, one of THE best fishing spots in all of Virginia.

So, if you’re looking to catch a bite, you know where you need to go when in Norfolk!

Belle Isle Beach

Located in the wildlife-friendly Belle Isle state park, this particular stretch of cozy coastline is the perfect place to explore some beautiful natural coastline, in all its natural glory.

From the sandy shores to life-filled wetlands treks, as well as plenty of tidal pools to spot, this little beach is teeming with wildlife!

(Well, maybe not ‘little’. It is still part of an almost 900 acres plot of protected land, but you get the point!)

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding, you won’t just be confined to a shoreline stroll!

Hampton Beach

When it comes to beaches that have plenty on offer, people often seem to forget about Hampton Beach. And that’s a shame, because, locale-wise, it’s pretty much in the perfect spot!

Sandwiched right next to Buckroe beach and park, there are plenty of amenities that you might need for the perfect day at the seaside.

Plus, with plenty of shuttle opportunities for getting out here, there is no reason why anyone can’t enjoy this particular spot on the Chesapeake Bay.

And with a few like that, why would you even want to say no to a visit in the first place?

Willoughby Beach

Norfolk, Virginia seems to be home to quite a few idyllic beaches, doesn’t it?

With up to 7.3 miles of coastline to explore, there is plenty of room to explore this quieter seaside spot.

Plus, with such an expansive stretch of shoreline, there are also plenty of chances to spot rare wildlife in the area, including a variety of shore birds.

Plus, you’re very close to the also-excellent Ocean View beach in case you want a little variety and a new fishing spot, as they are located pretty much right next to each other.

So, if you want to stroll along some gorgeous coastline, this is an easy yes for us here!

Final Thought

So, as you can see, despite what you may think Virginia has plenty of sites to see from its many beautiful shores.

Hopefully, this list has given you plenty of options to consider on your next visit!

Mylene Mace