10 Beautiful Clear Water Beaches In Florida For You To Enjoy

Florida has something of a reputation of being the but of many jokes amongst Americans.

And sure, there’s plenty to make jokes about in any state, including Florida.

10 Beautiful Clear Water Beaches In Florida For You To Enjoy

However, one thing that Florida has that pretty much no one can even give a backhanded compliment about is its beaches.

With such an extensive coastline thanks to its unique geography, as well as a subtropical climate that both makes it comparable to any island resort, and a haven for tropical food production, Florida’s coastline is amongst the warmest and most welcoming on the East Coast, and even the country as a whole!

So, if you’re thinking about taking a trip to some of the warmest waters in the United States, you’re probably going to want at least a brief guide to some of the must-see sandy shores in this warm and holiday-haven state.

Biscayne National Park

Starting this list with a place of awe-inspiring beauty, we have Biscayne National Park’s beautiful waters.

Part of the reason that this beach ranks so highly for us is the sheer amount of natural land that is allowed to not just exist but thrive here.

Thanks to its status as a national park, Biscayne beach is home to a massive variety of different environments from the lush mangrove forest that lives along the coastline here, to the coral reefs that can be found close to the clear water, and of course, the beautiful pristine white beaches.

There is so much to appreciate here, as well as several ways to appreciate it, from hikes to biking.

With snorkeling and paddleboarding opportunities plenty here too, there is plenty of activity to do here for a whole week, much less a day visit!

Panama City Beach

Natural beauty is all well and good for a nice beach. But sometimes, you want the comfort of civilization within an easy walking distance away from your pristine sands and waters.

Well, this is where many of Florida’s most iconic beach cities and towns come into it, providing you the best of easy service and convenience, with a pristine beach-going experience.

Panama City Beach is just such an example. Situated in the northwest of Florida, Panama City Beach is surrounded by beautiful water, from the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and the inland West Bay Grand Lagoon to the north.

There is plenty of water-based activity to do as well, from snorkeling, to boat rides on both sides.


If we’re talking about the clearest beaches in Florida, we couldn’t go through this list without at least giving a mention to the stunningly clear waters of Jupiter beach.

Like Panama City Beach that we just covered, this beach is located along the coast that meets the Gulf of Mexico.

This means that the beach receives almost nothing but beautifully shallow and warm waters, no matter the time of year.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty great place to escape to if you’re sick of the colder months and biting cold of the north!

The gulf and shallow waters also mean that the sea here is pretty unlikely to turn harsh with no notice, making it a hotspot for water sports, from surfing to paddleboarding to, yes, snorkeling too!

Plus, it is a pet-friendly beach too. So, if you’re looking for the perfect stretch of fido-friendly sandy shores to take your dog for a warm vacation.

Just make sure that you clean up after them to keep this beach pet-friendly!

Key West

Key West

So, needless to say, we love Key West beach (it is on this list, after all). However, it does come with a caveat, so to speak.

This is an ideal beach to view the natural corals that pepper Florida’s coastline. Indeed, the beach itself is partly built up on top of coral sediment, keeping the beach nice and pristine.

However, in terms of sandy shores and large open shorelines to explore, this might not be the most ideal beach, in which case, you may want to head for the nearby Siesta Key Beach.

However, if you’re looking for snorkeling opportunities, then you’re looking at one of the best beaches out there!

Miami Beach

Of course, if we are talking about beach cities, then we can’t possibly forget about the king of all beach cities, Miami!

Famous the world over, Miami is well known for having clear and warm waters, as well as some of the best restaurants, bars, and other venues in the state.

There’s a good reason that Miami Beach gets so many visitors from across the world!

Plus, being a city-side beach, there are plenty of water-based services and activities to do, from boat hiring to surfing.

If you’re looking for a package deal of both amenities and natural beauty, you can’t go wrong with Miami Beach!

Crab Island

Going from a metropolitan hub beach city to almost the complete opposite in every metric, we have the lesser-known Crab island.

This beach is a little more off the beaten road than some of the other entries that we’ve had so far, but there’s a very good reason for that. That mainly, to get to it, you can’t use roads.

You can’t use any land transport, as it’s technically off of the shoreline!

The sandbar that this beach is located on means that, although in shallow (about a foot to 4 feet deep to be exact) and warm water, the beach itself can only be accessed by boat.

This lends this particular watery shoreline a character unlike pretty much any other on this list.

Plus, you can still access plenty of amenities here, from world-class restaurants to paddleboarding, to a nearby dolphin cruise.

There’s nowhere else quite like this beach in Florida, which is why you need to see it next time you’re in the state!

Dry Tortugas

Up next on our list, we have another beach that is both rich in history and natural beauty.

Home to a former Spanish fort from the 19th century, this national park is home to plenty of the shallow and gorgeous waters that are the norm here in Florida.

Like the last entry, it is also a boat that you’re going to need to find your way to, as you can only get here by boat or by place.

The trip here is well worth it, however. With several small tropical islands dotted across this beach, as well as many potential camping spots if you want to spend your time and nights out amongst the beautiful waters of this natural beauty spot!

Palm Beach

Back to a place a little closer to civilization we go, we have Palm Beach, another outstanding tourist spot on the Eastern coastline.

With a beach that stretches as far as the horizon, plenty of water activities to choose from, and even coastal islands dotted out from the main shore, there is so much to do and see here.

So, if you prefer long and expansive beaches of the crowded little harbor types of sandbanks, this is the beach to go to!

Destin Beach

Destin Beach

For this next entry, we go to this beautiful beach located between both Panama City and Pensacola, Destin Beach.

The nearby Choctawhatchee Bay helps prevent darker sediments and sands from reaching the shoreline, helping keep the sand of this beach a pristine white (so long as you take your trash with you when you go!)

This also leaves you with beautiful blue and emerald waters to splash, swim, and snorkel around too, so there’s plenty to do around here!

Located near the gulf, this beach also receives that beautifully warm water that many others in the region get, meaning that there is no bad time of year to visit either.

Plus, if you’re a little tired of sand in your shorts or swimsuit every time you drop by, there are plenty of water parks and other attractions nearby too!

There is plenty to keep yourself entertained with in this warm and tropical corner of the country.

Bahia Honda State Park

In case it wasn’t already clear, we’re kind of suckers for natural beauty and beaches along state and national parks here!

Located on Big Pine Key, this beach has pretty much everything you could ask for from a picturesque beach. Pristine beach, clear waters, big palms that offer plenty of shade.

Plus, the low tide pools that form when the shoreline retreats are also a great little spot to watch some of the native wildlife for yourself, from fish, the lobsters, to conch shells.

Plus, with the option to rent out a few kayaks (or beach chairs if you’re more into a sedentary vacation), there is something to do for everyone here at this beach.

Of course, you’re free to bring your gear, if you’re looking to save a couple of bucks too!

Final Thoughts

Pretty much every beach along Florida’s coast is a winner.

However, we hope that the few that we have shown you here will be on your next to-do list when visiting this tropical state paradise!

Mylene Mace