12 Orlando Hotels With Waterparks You Need To Check Out

Are you planning a family vacation to Orlando? I don’t blame you, I can’t think of a better place to soak up some sunshine.

After all, it’s not called the sunshine state for nothing!

Regardless of what time of year you decide to stay, you can be sure that you’re going to be able to bask in the glorious heat that the state provides.

Orlando Hotels With Waterparks

And what’s the best activity to do when it’s super hot? Go to the water park, of course! 

What is more fun than cooling yourself down splashing away in a swimming pool, floating around a lazy river, or whirling and whizzing down slides? Nothing!

And sure, there are loads of waterparks dotted around Orlando, but is there anything better than waking up in the morning, running downstairs, and being instantly greeted with a ton of fun at the doorstep of the place you are staying?

It will be a true wonder to behold, especially for the kids. 

Yes, that’s right, you can pick a hotel that has everything you could possibly want without even having to take a step outside your property.

And we all know that rounding the troops together and making sure you’ve got everything packed and ready can be a real handful.

It’s stressful and stress deserves no place on your holiday. Your little one forgets their trunks?

Really? No bother, it’ll take two minutes to get them.

You’ve left your swimming goggles in the hotel?

No worries, you can just go grab them quick. 

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best and most fun hotels with waterparks that Orlando has to offer. So what are you waiting for?

Let’s jump right into it! 

Orlando’s Best Waterpark Hotels

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort is one of the best hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure to stay at. 

If you’re looking for a fun and lively place to stay then look no further.

It literally has everything that you could possibly ever ask for. 

This hotel is one of Universal’s on-site hotels, and in terms of having fun in the water, this hotel is sure to make a great splash (pun intended.)

The hotel has a 1950-60s beach theme that looks stunning.

The two humongous pools are within walking distance of your room.

There’s a splash pad for younger guests and a twisting twirling slide for the older adrenaline junkies.

And of course, is any waterpark complete without a lazy river?

You can find that alongside yet another pool on the southern side of the hotel. 

And if all that wasn’t enough, once you’ve found the will to pull yourself away from the waterpark and dry off, you can even enjoy several other outdoor amenities.

Fancy a game of bowling?

A stroll around the gift shop? 

How about a hot cup of coffee while sitting around a firepit?

All of these options are available at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $114 per night.
  • Distance From Theme ParksUniversal studios is just a 5-minute shuttle ride away while Disney theme parks are just 12 minutes by car. 
  • Best For – Families with children in elementary – high school. 

Disney Beach Club Resorts

If you’re traveling to Orlando with little children and want them to really be able to enjoy the waterpark, then this is the destination for you.

Often waterparks are very much geared to older children and adults, this one has so much variety for little kids.

There’s plenty for those that are older, but the choice for toddlers is also extensive, which is really great. 

Disney’s Beach Club Resort is pretty famously known for its pool Stromalong Bay.

The beach-themed waterpark has so much fun packed into one space.

There are whirlpool spas, there’s a lazy river, and there’s even a 230-foot waterslide for those looking for a bit of adventure and adrenaline.

But the best feature, by far, has to be the sand-bottomed pool that allows the little ones to sit and play in the sand while still dipping their toes into the water. 

And when you can finally tear yourself away from one of the best-known waterparks in Orlando, you can take advantage of the fun arcades, endless shopping, and delicious restaurants that the resort has to offer.

And if mom and dad feel like they need to blow off a little steam while on holiday, there are even options for in-room babysitting! 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $265 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Disney parks are a ten-minute drive away with the option of a free shuttle. Universal parks are a 20-minute drive. 
  • Best For – Families with young children. 

Flamingo Waterpark Resort

A stay at the Flamingo Waterpark Resort will automatically entitle you to free entry for up to four guests at their waterpark.

And if you haven’t already heard of this waterpark, let me tell you now, that it is perfect for thrill seekers. 

There is so much to do at this waterpark, and I can promise you, you’ll never want to leave.

Whether it’s shooting down one of the six totally unique slides, or floating and bobbing around the massive 630-foot lazy river, you’ll be having so much fun that you never want it to end.

Flamingo Waterpark Resort is one of the top-tier resorts across the whole of Orlando, so it’s definitely worth checking out. 

And once you are done, the fun doesn’t end there, you can also keep the laughter going at their playgrounds and arcades.

Then you can finally wind down from all that excitement with a family movie night. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $160 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Both Disney and Universal parks are approximately a 20-minute drive away. 
  • Best For – Families with children in middle-high school. 

Omni Resorts Chamionsgate

If water activities are your thing, then you have to check out the Omni Resorts Chamionsgate.

There’s so much to do here, it’s amazing.

There’s a designated kiddies pool that is filled with smaller waterslides, water cannons, waterfalls, a lazy river, and my personal favorite, the wave pool.

This wave pool contains over 130,000 gallons of water, so you’ll definitely want to make sure you pack some goggles. 

And if all this wasn’t enough, there are tons of non-water activities too.

Why not get active with a round of golf or a competitive game of volleyball?

And if mom and dad want a little bit of alone time, under 12s can spend the evenings of the weekends at Camp Omni. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $109 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Disney parks are a 15-minute drive by car while Universal park is approximately 45 minutes by car. 
  • Best For –  Families of all ages

World Center Marriot

Now if you’re looking to add a little bit of luxury to your vacation, then I can’t think of a better place to stay than the World Center Marriot.

A stay at this decadent hotel will have you feeling like an A-List celebrity.

The food and entertainment at this place are absolutely phenomenal. 

But it’s the amazing waterpark that definitely deserves the most credit.

It is home to one of the largest pools in Orlando that of course would not be complete without a whole ton of waterslides, whirlpool spas, and waterfalls.

And if I haven’t already caught your attention, the resort has a high-speed slide that is likely to make even the toughest thrill-seeker squeal.

There are also two winding slides for younger members of the family to enjoy too. 

And then the real icing on the cake has to be the 13-minute laser show that lights up the night sky.

This is something you definitely won’t want to miss. 

Hotel Information

  • Price –  Rooms begin from $240 per night. 
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Disney parks are an 8-minute drive away, while Universal is 20 minutes. 
  • Best For –  Families with children in middle or high school. 

The Grove Resort & Waterpark 

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay that will provide hours of endless entertainment for you and the whole family, then look no further than The Grove Resort.

There is so much to do at this resort, there’s a kids activity center for imaginative play, a bustling arcade, a relaxing spot to fish, and there are even tons of boating activities too. 

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, there’s free admission into the Grove Resort Waterpark!

You can have so much fun here, there’s a whole host of slides for the older kids, a children’s area for younger kids, and is any waterpark complete without a float around a lazy river? 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $160 per night. 
  • Distance From Theme Parks –  Disney parks are an 8-minute drive while Universal is 35 minutes. Shuttles to all parks are available.  
  • Best For –  Families of all ages. 

Coco Key Water Resort 

If you have a go big or go home ethos, then Coco Key Water Resort is perfect for you.

The place is huge, and I mean 54,000 square feet of outdoor entertainment type of huge.

There isn’t anything else you could possibly wish for at this resort. 

For youngsters, there is a wonderful children’s lagoon area that has its own host of small waterslides for them to enjoy.

There are zero-entry pools, and waterfalls, and if you like waterslides then you can take your pick from the massive 14 options to choose from.

Then once you’ve spent the whole day submerged in water, you can dry off and take a bite to eat in one of the three available restaurants, followed by some fun in the arcades, and maybe an hour in the fitness center. 

The rooms in the hotel can be a bit standard compared to the park, but you really couldn’t ask for a better location.

It is also worth noting that the waterpark can be quite busy during peak times as tickets for non-resort guests are also available. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $185 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Disney parks are a 15-minute drive while Universal is under 10 minutes. 
  • Best For – Families of all ages. 

Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites

If you’re looking for a place to stay that perfectly balances out family time and adult-only time, then you may want to take a look at the Holiday Inn Resort.

The pools have designated times for both families and adults so there is always a time and place for everyone. 

The pool itself is great too! It has seven really fun slides, a zero-entry pool, and a water bucket that will dunk a massive 400 gallons of water over your head – you might want to hold your nose and close your eyes for this one. 

And this isn’t all, there are also parties equipped with a DJ, loads of different activities to participate in during the day, and free films to snuggle up and watch during the evening. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $100 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks –  Disney parks are under a 5-minute drive. Universal is less than 20 minutes by car. 
  • Best For – Families of all ages

Encore Resort At Reunion

If you prefer to feel more at home while you’re away then you may want to take a look and the Encore Resort at Reunion.

Rather than a hotel, this resort offers more condo-style living where you’ll have your own kitchen, living room, and meeting space. 

Oh, and a waterpark. Unfortunately, this you will have to share. But you won’t be left with a lack of choice.

There are multiple slides, splash pools, and waterfalls.

For younger guests, there’s also a children’s splash area. 

And when you’re all done and dusted with the water park, there are plenty of dining experiences, loads of outdoor sporting activities, and a daily kid’s club for the youngsters to get involved in. 

Hotel Information

  • Price –  Rooms begin from $289 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Disney parks are under 15 minutes by car and Universal is just under 30 minutes by car. 
  • Best For –  Families of all ages. 

Margaritaville Resort And Spa Orlando 

This is one of the ultimate hotels to stay in if you like your holidays to be jam-packed with activities and experiences.

This resort, also referred to as Island H20 Live!, has one of the best waterparks that I have ever had to pleasure to visit. 

The waterpark offers over 20 different unique experiences for guests to enjoy, from super slides to fun interactive games, it has it all.

There is also another separate wave pool, splash zone, and a lazy river that younger and smaller guests can enjoy too. 

And if somehow you do tire of the waterpark, not that I’m sure that’s possible,

you can also enjoy the kids club or go for a delicious bite to eat in one of the many restaurants that are on offer. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $270 
  • Distance From Theme Parks – Disney Parks are a 10-minute drive while Universal is a 30-minute drive. 
  • Best For –  Families with toddlers to middle school-aged children. 

FantasyWorld Resort

FantasyWorld Resort is the perfect example of a very interactive hotel.

The staff are lovely and friendly and are dedicated to keeping you entertained.

While you shoot down the four waterslides, swim in the two large pools, take your younger children to the splash pads, or float around the lazy river, the staff will keep you entertained with loads of different contests and trivia questions. 

Hotel Information

  • Price –  Rooms begin from $110 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks –  Disney parks are a 10-minute drive away. Universal is around 15 minutes away by car. 
  • Best For – Families of all ages. 

Westgate Town Center Resort 

If you’re taking your toddlers to Orlando this year, then I may have the perfect place for you to stay.

This hotel is the definition of kid-friendly.

It has everything they could ever want and more.

There’s a pirate ship that has big water cannons, fun slides, and a fun water sprayer that goes down a hit with most children. 

Once you’re ready to calm down a little, you can sit and relax in the three regular pools or take a trip around the lazy river.

Once you’re all finished up water-wise you can also take a stroll around the resort and have a game of volleyball, or mini-golf, rent a bicycle or a boat or settle down for a movie in the theatre. 

Hotel Information

  • Price – Rooms begin from $120 per night
  • Distance From Theme Parks –  Disney parks are less than 5 minutes by car. Universal is a 30-minute drive. 
  • Best For –  Families with younger children. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are tons of amazing places to stay in Orlando. In fact, there’s so much choice it’s hard to pick a favorite.

But I can tell you this much, no matter which hotel from this list you choose, you will not be disappointed. 

I hope you have the best time in the sunshine state! Get packing those bikini’s and swimsuits because it’s waterpark time! 

Mylene Mace