9 Overwater Bungalows That You Can Find In And Around The United States

When it comes to unique houses that you can find out there, there probably isn’t a more unique style than the overwater bungalow.

Overwater Bungalows That You Can Find In And Around The United States

There’s just something about this cozy little home being raised over the warm water of a tropical shallow shorefront that just feels comfortable, you know?

It is also one of the rarest types of houses that you can find in the continental United States,

with there currently being very few examples that can be found out there across the country.

This is why we have compiled this list of some of the most beautiful overwater bungalows that you can currently find in the United States (as well as a couple that can be found outside of it too).

What Are Overwater Bungalows?

There may be some people reading this article and wondering what exactly these kinds of houses are in the first place.

After all, as we said, these are very rare structure that isn’t built in most places in the United States, so it isn’t too surprising that many people wouldn’t have heard of them.

Well, overwater bungalows are exactly what they sound like: Single-story homes that are built over bodies of water, usually being built on a series of stilts or other support structures that mean that there is no chance of them falling into the ocean.

Originally based on classic stilted houses, many of the overwater bungalow houses that we are going to cover in this guide are luxury accommodations that are made for comfortable homes while people are on vacation.

Although stilted homes can be found across the world, partly due to these types of homes being built around the tropics, as well as the right conditions needed to get the intended effect, most of the water bungalows that we are about to cover are found in Florida and other surrounding states and other countries around the Caribbean.

Disney’s Polynesian Bungalows, Orlando, Florida

Starting this list with the main, and perhaps only, a widely known example of a textbook overwater Bungalow in mainland untied States, the Polynesian Bungalows that can be found in Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

As we said, these houses just aren’t that widespread or used in the US.

However, the subtropical and humid climate that Florida is known for means that, if there were a place outside of Hawaii to find a good Polynesian-style overwater Bungalow, it would be here, on the warm shores of the Caribbean.

The number of Disney’s Polynesian bungalows is enough to host a small family, around 20 separate bungalows that are ready to be your ideal vacation spot for, however, long you are at Disneyland Florida!

And we’re just getting started!

Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort, Jamaica

Up next is the first of many overwater bungalow resorts that we see dotted across the Caribbean, starting with the Sandal Royal Caribbean Resort in Jamaica.

Located on the northwest side of the island, Jamaica is located in the perfect spot to experience the beautiful all-year warm weather that the Caribbean is known for.

And with these overwater bungalows, those warm waters have never been closer!

Plus, the bungalow designs mean that you’re not going to be getting constant noise from your neighbors just a wall away if you’re trying to nap or otherwise relax.

It’ll just be you, and the calming sounds of the waves below you.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resort, Mexico

Of course, with a shoreline that makes up the backbone of the Caribbean Sea, you’d better believe that at least a few spots in Mexico would take advantage of those warm waters.

The Banyan Tree Mayakoba Resort, located on the east side of the Yucatán Peninsula, is just the first of the many incredible resorts in Latin America that are home to some of the most gorgeous luxury bungalows that you ever lay your eyes on.

And, of course, they are nestled comfortably and securely over the shallow waters of the Caribbean too!

This gated community gives you plenty of privacy too, so you can spend your vacation basking under the tropical Caribbean sun above, and over the lush Caribbean waters just below.

Sandals South Coast, Jamaica

Jamaica, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a very popular spot when it comes to both tropical holiday vacations, as the classic luxury bungalow design for those vacation-goers to stay.

This particular resort, located on the south side of the island of Jamaica, has recently invested in several overwater bungalows of their own, to give potential customers an experience that they’ll not soon forget!

The bungalows themselves are arranged around the pier they are stationed on to form a beautiful heart shape, making it a beautiful spot to view from inside, outside, on deck, and from above too!

They may say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when every angle these stilted holiday homes can be viewed from is gorgeous, there’ll not be a soul alive that can’t appreciate the incredibly joyful reaction that these getaways can instill in a family, or couple, or anyone!

George’s Caya Resort, Beliz

Compared to many of the other nations in and around the Caribbean, Belize seems to go unnoticed by many vacation-goers.

And that’s a shame because some of the locales that can be found here are astonishing.

This is a fact that St. George’s Caya Resort knows well enough, which is why their island getaway in their luxury overwater bungalows provides a top-quality service that would be tough to beat for any major establishment.

It might even be one of the best that you can go to in the country!

Located on a private island a few miles offshore from the mainland, this little tropical slice of paradise has everything that you could want for the perfect Caribbean getaway, from an outdoor pool, a spa, private beaches, as well as a perfectly air-conditioned overwater bungalow to call home for the duration of your stay!

Plus, with tons of water sports facilities, it’s not like you have to stay relaxed 24/7 if you feel the itch to get the adrenaline pumping!

Rosewood Mayakoba, Mexico

Going back to Mexico for the next entry in these stellar tropical bungalow accommodations, we have these immaculate little spaces as provided by Rosewood Mayakoba.

Located on the legendary Riviera Maya scratch of coastline of the Southeastern side of the Yucatán Peninsula, these incredible little homes are located over the emerald waters of the Caribbean.

Surrounded by beautiful mangrove swamps, as well as being a small drive away from Cancun International Airport,this site isn’t just pretty and luxurious, but also incredibly easy to find once you have landed.

Plus, all your needs will be tended to during your stay, with on-site amenities, as well as even 24-hour butler service available.

Your little bungalow will feel like a little castle, and you’ll be treated like royalty whilst you are here!

Sandals Grande, St. Lucian

Sandals have cornered the market when it comes to luxury overwater bungalow vacations, haven’t they?

This particular warm piece of paradise is located in St. Lucia, one of the most easterly Caribbean islands, and home to some of the most gorgeous vistas that you’ll lay eyes on.

So, it is only natural that the bungalow experience here matches that beautiful experience.

Fortunately, Sandals have once again knocked it out of the park, with a newer model of an overwater bungalow that not only gives you a pristine view of the jaw-dropping Caribbean Sea but also easy access to it too, with a ramp that runs down to the water’s edge, giving you an easy way to wake up in the morning with a light swim.

And of course, the room service and amenities are impeccable too, with round-the-clock butler service, and in-bar premium liquor in your bungalow, amongst many other amazing little details.

If you needed a reason to visit St. Lucia for your next vacation, look no further!

Sol Bungalows, Panama

Panama, like many of the Caribbean nations and islands that dot this beautiful corner of the world, is a hotspot for natural beauty,

year-round sun, and, of course, beautiful waters to surround yourself with.

So, you’d hope that the overwater cabins (see also our favorite holiday cabins in Texas) and bungalows here would be fit to take advantage of all that!

And here, you’d be right about Sol Bungalows resort nestled in this south-westerly corner of Latin America!

With just two bungalows on offer in this overwater resort, there is certainly going to be at least a little competition for these beautiful little floating cabins.

However, with all the amenities that you could need, as well as easy access to the warm waters below, it all becomes worth it once you step on this gorgeous deck.

Plus, these are among the most affordable overwater bungalows that you’ll be able to find in the Caribbean, so you won’t have to break the bank to experience that luxury either!

With these bungalows being located just under 2 km away from the iconic Carenero Beach, you’re certainly close enough to take advantage of one of the most beloved beaches in this corner of the world.

El Dorado, Maroma, Mexico

No, you won’t find a city made of gold at these overwater bungalows.

What you will find, however, is a romantic island paradise that is just waiting for you in the heart of the Caribbean!

Situated on the beautiful east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, where many of the most beautiful and greatest resorts in the country situate themselves, this little resort gives you as much of the Caribbean Sea as you could dream of.

Not only do you have a glorious view of these warm waters outside, but the glass bottom deck allows you to peek a glimpse at these gorgeous waters below you.

Plus, being just a few miles away from Playa de Carmen, means that you’re never too far away from a good time.

Add an outdoor pool, fitness center, and plenty of other extras, and you have the experience of a lifetime waiting for you here!

Final Thoughts

So, while they are certainly a rare vacation home in America, it is far from impossible to find a great overwater bungalow to stay at for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, and enjoy the hot sun and warm waters!

Mylene Mace