12 Of The Best Maui Waterfalls You Can Find!

If you are planning a link to Maui, one of the best things you can do on your trip is to appreciate all the natural beauty which this island has to offer, and one of the best ways to do this is to visit some of the beautiful and stunning waterfalls which are on the island. 

12 Of The Best Maui Waterfalls You Can Find!

There are plenty of waterfalls on this island which are famous for their beauty, and because of how much choice there is, you are sure to find one which will be close to where you are staying.

Because of this, it would be a massive mistake to visit Maui and no see at least one of the amazing waterfalls on this island.

However, since there are so many waterfalls on this island, and a few of them might be a similar distance from where you are staying, you probably want to know which will be the best choice for you to visit.

So because of this, we have put this list together so you can get some quick information about each of them so you can understand what each has to offer and make an informed decision on which will be the best choice for you to visit!

So, if you are going to stay in Maui, and want to know which will be the best waterfall for you to visit to appreciate the amazing nature this island has to offer, keep reading to discover which is best for you!

The Best Waterfalls In Maui

These waterfalls are all dotted around different parts of Maui, so choosing the ones which are closest to you is likely going to be the most practical option.

Also, a few of these choices are quite close to our other choices, so seeing both is not always an impractical option, so keep this in mind if you are struggling to choose between two options we are suggesting.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls should be one of your first stops when you are on the Road To Hana, and while these are some of the most beautiful falls which are on this list, this also means that they are some of the busiest too!

This location is only a few miles away from the beautiful Paia town, and the best spot to park when you visit is at Wailele Farm, and at this spot there is a fruit stand which is perfect if you want a refreshing treat, which you will need for the mile long trek to get to the falls.

The Twin Falls go down into a beautifully serene pool which is perfect for having a swim in. You can also explore the area which is hidden behind the falls which also serves as a great spot to get some spectacular views.

The Twin Falls are fed from the Ko’olau Rainforest which is in Ho’olawa Valley, and this also means that you can visit Twin Falls all year long.

However, as is the case with most falls, if you want to see the waterfall at its most majestic, try and visit after there has been some heavy rain.

If you are a more adventurous type, cliff jumping is also available here, however, make sure that you are taking all the correct safety precautions before you even consider this.

The area around the falls is also beautiful and fun to explore if you want to make the most of your trip.

Waimoku Falls

You will be able to find Waimoku Falls amidst some luscious foliage and it has a massive 400 ft drop which makes it one of the most tall waterfalls which is in Maui.

You find these falls right at the head of Ohe’o Gulch, and the water falls over the lava rock wall right into a pool full of boulders.

This is one of the most dramatic views you will find on the island and the natural beauty will take your breath away.

The roaring crash of the water coming down from such a height is even more amazing if you have never seen a waterfall of this scale before making it a magical experience to visit.

It is not the most accessible choice and you will need to take a 4 mile round hike along the Pipiwai Trail which is within the Haleakala National Park which also features the aforementioned luscious greenery, but also banyan trees and even a bamboo forest.

So even if you are not the biggest fans of hikes, going out of your way to do this one is definitely worth it! 

This is a great option to visit with the beautiful hike which is attached to visiting it, and the National Park being a great area to be in while you are visiting Maui.

Puaa Kaa Falls

Best Maui Waterfalls You Can Find

Called either Puaa Kaa Falls, or occasionally Pua’a Ka’a Falls depending on how where you are hearing it, translates in rolling pig and this is a waterfall which is also on The Road To Hana which is in the Pua’a Ka’a Wayside Park which has 2 waterfalls in it.

This waterfall is unique for being one of just a few waterfalls which is on the Hana Highway which will be open to the public at any time of the year, so if you are visiting at a more unconventional visiting time in Hawaii, you will still be able to see it.

There is not a not too challenging 0.37 mile walk to get to the falls and you will be winding through beautiful greenery to get there and back. The walk is not too hard and will make it so you can get right up close to the beautiful waterfall.

What you should be aware of however, is that after there has been heavy rain, which is usually the best time to see a waterfall, the trail to get to the falls will get very muddy and will make the journey a lot more of a challenge.

However, if the conditions are good, the trail is perfect for a nature walk, as well as bird watching.

Going to these falls is not too much of a commitment with how short the walk is, so it makes a great choice for a stop on a road trip, or a great stop for a picnic.

Pools Of Oheo (Oheo Gulch)

This spot is also sometimes referred to as the Seven Sacred Pools at Ohe’o and it is also in the Haleakala National Park, this time in the KIpahulu area, which makes it just a little downstream from Waimoku Falls.

This spot has plenty of unique flowers and flora and there are also, as the name suggests, 7 different swimming holes which are connected by waterfalls which then eventually lead into the ocean.

You will only need to do a short 15 minute walk which is on the Kuloa Point Trail to get to the falls making it an easily accessible option.

One thing which is worth noting however is that you may not be able to get to the pools after heavy rain, so you will want to make sure to see what the weather will be like the night before so you can be sure you will have a nice relaxing time when you visit.

The reason accessibility is so restricted after rainfall is that it makes the actual depth of the water less easy to understand making the pools a lot more dangerous!

Punalau Falls

These falls are one of the best things to visit if you are in North East Maui and while it is in quite a remote spot, going out of your way to get there is well worth it!

Because this spot is such a hidden gem, you will not have to worry about there being too many crowds.

This is also attached to one of the best waterfall hikes in Maui which you get you to the amazing 100 ft tall waterfall.

However, when you are walking you will want to look out for the volcanic boulders as well as any submerged rocks.

You will also want to bring proper hiking sticks and boots as well as gloves for extra support.

You will also not want to visit if it has recently rained or if there is a chance of flash floods since this makes the conditions far too dangerous.

So, while the hike is quite challenging, getting there is well worth it for the amazing view you will be rewarded with!

Honokohau Falls

If you want to get an amazing view of West Maui looking from above, this is the best hike for you to do.

You can get an amazing helicopter tour if you are not in the mood for a hike and you will get to see the tallest waterfall in Maui in all its glory.

This is actually the only way to get a proper view of this waterfall since it is found in an inaccessible valley which you can not get to via a hiking trail or a road.

The waterfall is a massive 1119 feet tall and the water is fed from the Honohokau Stream which goes down two tiers before finally reaching the bottom of the beautiful green mountain.

While a helicopter tour may be a bit above budget for some people, if you cna afford it, this is one of the best waterfalls to see, even better if you are a fan of the scene it is a part of in Jurassic Park.

Alelele Falls

This is a lesser known waterfall which is found in Maui, but because of this you will have to deal with far fewer crowds. It is on the east side of Maui, so if you are in this area, it is well worth visiting.

These falls are found within the Kipahulu district of the Haleakala National Park and luckily you only need to do a short 15 minute hike to get to the best spot to see the falls.

The trail to get to the falls is also quite easy as well as short and there are a few streams to cross which are fun and beautiful in the right weather, but can be dangerous if there is a chance of flash floods, so make sure to keep an eye on the weather.

Because this is such a hidden gen, there is a good chance that no one else will be there to appreciate the 80 foot tall waterfall so if you want a more chill environment, this is definitely a good choice.

Also, since the pool at the bottom is often quiet, you will be able to swim in it in most conditions, so make sure to bring a swim suit if this sounds like something you would want to do.

Waikani Falls

If you want to see more of the beauty of Hana specifically, then you should definitely go out of your way to visit Upper Waikani Falls.

This is one of the more popular waterfalls across all of the Hawaiian islands, and part of the reason for this is because of how it is only a little off the Road to Hana.

These falls are also sometimes called Three Bears, and this is because the Upper Waikani Falls are 3 parallel falls which are side by side and have a 70 foot drop.

You are actually able to admire the falls from your car which is why many people choose to just drive by, this is also because parking can be so limited, but if you are willing to look for parking, getting a view more close up is amazing and well worth it.

You can also park a bit further away, you can enjoy a hike to get there.

While the hike to get there can be a little challenging at the start, it gets pretty easy after a while making it not too challenging.

You can also swim in the pool which is at the bottom which is a beautiful spot if you want somewhere to be able to unwind.

Wailua Falls

Best Maui Waterfalls You Can Find

These falls are actually visible from the highway and because they are so close to the Road to Hana, they are some of the more unique, but also very accessible falls in Maui.

The falls are found in some beautiful tropical foliage and there are 2 streams which fall down to 80 feet which is also why they are some of the most popular falls on Maui.

There are 2 trails which you can pick from which will get you to the base and both are easy with one being shorter and muddy, and the other being longer but a bit safer and less steep.

Kopiliula Falls

These are also some amazing falls which you can find off the Hana Highway and you only need to do a short 2 mile trail to be able to reach the best spot to see the falls.

You can find the trailhead only a little off the highway so it is hard to miss, however, the trail to get to the falls is quite difficult and you will need to climb over some small falls as well as get over a rocky bed, so make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes to get to the falls for an amazing view!

Makapipi Falls

This is yet another waterfall which is easy to access since it is located just by the Road to Hana making it an easy stop for a road trip.

Because this is a lesser known waterfall you are more likely to have a calmer trip to get there and you will not have to worry about crowds amongst the deep vegetation.

You will have to take a bridge which will go over the Makapipi Stream and you will get a pull off area which will give you an amazing view and you can even hike down to get to the water, however, beware as this is quite steep.

Makamakaole Falls

Finally, we have Makamakaole falls which are on Waihe’e Ridge and this is one of only a few falls which you will find on the Western coast of Maui.

You will have to take a 5 mile hike to get to the viewpoint and this will take you through a natural oasis and a stunning bamboo forest.

The water is 270 feet tall and is well worth the trip to see it!

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