19 Of The Best Romantic Getaways Inside Texas

When it comes to romantic couple’s trips, Texas may not be the first area which comes to mind as somewhere to travel, but this is a massive mistake as this state is home to some of the most romantic couple’s getaways available.

19 Of The Best Romantic Getaways Inside Texas

There are plenty different areas in the state where you can get some delicious dining, intimate accommodation, and activities that are made for the pair of you to do together.

So if you are local to the state and want to go to a different area to have a getaway, or if you are travelling into the state and want to know some destinations which will be perfect to visit, this guide is for you.

There are some amazing romantic spots which will make you regret not visiting this state sooner, so we are going to show off some of the most magical places for you to visit with your partner which you will not want to miss out on.

In this guide we have included 19 amazing cities which you will not want to miss out on and have plenty of different areas and amenities which you will want to visit so you can have an amazing trip with no wasted time and plenty of romance and relaxation.

Texas has an amazingly rich history which also features a unique blend of different cultures which makes it one of the most unique states in the USA to visit.

This unique blend of culture is also what makes the food available in this state some of the best.

The food is of impeccable quality, and offers plenty of different choices and cuisines to sample so you will never get bored of what is on offer!

The geography of this state is also astounding with some sights which you will never forget and want to explore with your partner to ensure that the two of you do not miss out on anything!

So, if you and your partner want to indulge in a couple’s trip to Texas, but you have no idea which specific part of this massive state you want to visit, reading through this guide should be a massive aid to you to ensure that you know exactly what you want to do on this trip!

All 19 of our choices offer something unique and different so make sure to read through all our choices carefully so you know exactly what you want!

The Best Romantic Getaways In Texas

When it comes to couple’s trips, we have based our choices on places where you can get away from the more mundane aspects of day to day living and instead focus on your relationship and spending quality time with your partner.

All of these choices will make relaxing and reconnecting with your partner a priority and are places where you should be able to get a stress free trip.

Sometimes, going on a trip overseas can be far too expensive, and will end up stressing you out more than just staying home, so travelling within your own country or within your own state can end up saving a lot of time and money and you can often end up having a better time.

So, read through all these options carefully so you can work out which of these locations will be the perfect spot for you and your partner to enjoy some time together!

San Antonio

San Antonio is seen as not just one of the best places to visit in Texas, but one of the best places to visit in America overall, so this should be on the top of your list of places to visit when considering a trip to this state.

The city features some of the best date spots you can imagine.

We could not collect all of them here since there is not enough time in the day, but for some of our favorites we have a small list of highlights!

You can bring a blanket and watch an open air move when you visit the Mission Marquee Plaza (just make sure that the weather matches outdoor plans!).

You can either bring your own food if you are prepared enough, but if not, the food trucks which are on site will have some delicious choices!

You can do the beautiful San Antonio River Walk which is popular for a reason giving you a great view of the vibrant city you are vising.

You can also visit the astounding botanical gardens which the city has!

These gardens are a beautiful date for you and your partner and the Bistro close by has some amazing cocktails to sample as well!

Whatever you decide to do in San Antonio, you are sure to have a magical time and will want to keep coming back as much as you can!



A great way to ensure you have a great romantic vacation is going to the beach, and Galveston is one of the best beach getaway spots in Texas which will make you fall in love with this part of the state. 

This area is full of its own unique charm and will enchant you to want to keep returning!

The Strand is in the historic district of Galveston and is beautiful to explore when you have time.

There are plenty of cozy cottages by the water which are the perfect place to stay on a romantic trip like this.

There are plenty of delicious fine dining options in Galveston, and one of our favorite places to go every time we visit is Vargas Cut & Catch.

The creators of this eatery have a history of making award winning restaurants and if you want a top-notch dining experience, this is the place to go!


This is perhaps one of the more underrated tourist spots in Texas and is often just perceived as a suburb, but if you take the time to visit, you will discover one of the best kept secrets in Texas.

This city is only half an hour away from Dallas, so if you want to double up your trip with that city, this is a more than viable option.

You can have an amazing picnic and even swim in the Grapevine Lake, and then take yourself on an amazing self-guided walk around the Public Art Trail if you want to indulge in the culture.

If you are a wine lover, you can also go to the Wine Fusion Winery and get your own bottle of wine to take home!

If you want an even more unique experience, you can have a romantic trip on the 20s Grapevine Vintage Railroad, which is even better if you love retro transport.

There is also Corky’s Gaming Bistro which has plenty of fun activities to try together like; escape rooms, a classic arcade, and even ax throwing.


If you want a more action-packed vacation over something more relaxed, then visiting Wimberly with your partner should head straight to the top of your list!

One of the amazing activities to try out if you are visiting this part of Texas include going to Wimberly Zipline Adventures which features 10 completely different zipline throughout a course which are anywhere between 150 and 900 feet and can get up to 100 feet above ground. 

Another great option is to visit Jacob’s Well which is a beautiful swimming hole which has the 2nd biggest submerged cave in the state and has some great cliff diving options if you like this style of adventurous swimming.

For eating options, one of our favorites is the Leaning pear which is famed for being an eco friendly restaurant which has all of its ingredients sourced from local producers making the fresh food even more delicious.


If you want a slightly more isolate getaway in Texas away from some of the more intense crowds, visiting Garnbury will be a perfect choice for you and your partner!

One of the most relaxing things to do in the city is to walk in the City Beach Park and you can make this easy to access by staying at one of the cozy B&Bs which are near the water in the city.

There is also a great antique shopping scene which is mostly near the Granbury Square which is full of history.

One of our favorite places to eat in the city is at Christina’s American Table which is a cute small restaurant which serves mainly salads and soups as well as desserts which are baked fresh!

If you want a trip full of history and culture, this is one of the best options to indulge in!


Fredricksburg is just a small town in Texas, but it is packed with its own chram and coziness which makes it an adorable place to visit for a romantic getaway.

Some of the best options for accommodation when visiting is to rent out one of the many romantic cabins which are in the town.

One of the best is the Wild Ram Log Cabin which was built all the way back in 1847 and has since been updated to make it one of the best getaway accommodation options with an amazing king bed, a dry sauna, a hot tub, and a porch swing.

This is a classy place to stay and is adult only and you will be gifted with your own bottle of hand-picked local wine if you choose to stay here.

The town has some fun activities available like wine tasting and peach picking, and you can even see some amazing live music performed on stage on the Main Street if you visit at the right time!

The town is also known for having some amazing German food, so if you are not familiar with this cuisine, trying it here is going to be an amazing first try!

If you want a more adventurous activity to try out, there is also the Enchanted Rock State Park which is one of the most fun parks in to visit in the state.

Fort Worth

This location is also pretty close to Dallas making it a great option for a double trip if you do not want to travel too far to visit 2 different locations on one vacation.

This is one of the best options if you want a typical Southern style night out with locations like Billy Bob’s which has a typical mechanical bull and bar set up, or even Heim Barbecue which is one of the best places to visit for an amazing barbecue.

The Sundance Square is also a great palace to visit for some great dining and drinks options.



While it is definitely going to be busier than some of our more isolated recommendations, you can still have an amazing romantic getaway in Austin!

The nightlife here is amazing, and if you love live music, the variety here is unimaginable!

For more romantic options you can rent peddle boats, go to drive in theaters, or even stroll through the South Congress Avenue!


The biggest city in Texas (see also ‘32 Best Places To Visit In Texas: Cities, Towns, And Tourist Spots‘) is also a great option for a romantic trip even though it is massive in size, this just means that there are more options when it comes to romantic trip ideas.

The Waterfall Park is one of our favorites when it comes to romantic spots for an evening out!

Marble Falls

This location features plenty of vineyards, spas, and even art galleries making it perhaps one of the most relaxing spots for a couple’s vacation we can imagine.

The wineries here especially make the whole trip worth it, but you will have to visit the spa to eliminate any tension you could have.


This place is called the ‘Cowboy Capital Of Texas’ so if you want a classic Southern experience with plenty of honky-tonks, ranches, and countryside ready to explore, this is your place to visit.

The accommodation options are also amazing for a romantic trip as well!


This is just a small town which is about 40 minutes from San Antonio making it a great option for a 2 in 1 trip.

While you may never have heard of this place, it is a great location for a romantic trip!

The Grune Hall was constructed in 1878 and is still operational with live performances on every night!

Dripping Springs

The natural beauty at these springs makes visiting them well worth your time and if you want a picturesque trip to take plenty of photos on, this is going to be one of the best options available!

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

While you may not consider a National Park to be one of the best spots for a getaway, the date night options which are in this park as well as all the amazing landscapes and hikes available, you should definitely consider this spot if you love the outdoors.

New Braunfels

This area has a rich history as well as featuring some amazing all natural landscapes, if you want a place with amazing charm, this should be up for consideration, especially accounting for the amazing local foods available.

South Padre Island

If you want a more boisterous location, this is a great place to go if you and your partner love to party with loads of entertainment on and off the water.


While you may not consider Dallas to be the best spot for a romantic getaway, there is a reason why this amazing city is so popular with tourists, so make sure to consider its amazing dining options for a trip!


This is another underrated spot and the winery and drive in theater make this a great option for romantic trips.

Port Aransas

For another beachside option, this port town is an amazing place to visit if you want lazy days in the sun with your partner!


Hopefully you and your partner have found the inspiration you need by reading through this list and now have a dream destination in mind for your romantic trip!

If just one of you has read through this list, make sure to let your partner read through the list as well.

By doing this you can both come up with a few top choices, and hopefully one will overlap and you will be able to have a perfect vacation which both of you will be able to enjoy.

When it comes to going on a couple’s trip, there is no point going if you know one person is going to be having a much better time than the other, so make sure no one is going to have a worse time than the other.

And if you are planning on surprising your partner with a trip (great idea!) you want to make sure you are prioritizing their enjoyment!

What may be a fun idea for you, could be stressful or anxiety inducing for them, so make sure that if you want to surprise them, that they will have a great time as well!

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