55 Things Which You Can Do In Orlando Excluding Theme Parks

When it comes to visiting Orlando and looking for things to do on your trip, you will nearly always be slammed with all of the theme park options.

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This does make sense this is arguably one of the most popular things to do in Orlando.

Things Which You Can Do In Orlando Excluding Theme Parks

But, if you already know which theme park or parks you want to do, or want to avoid them altogether, you might be wondering what else there is to do in Orlando.

We are here to inform you that there is plenty to do in Orlando outside of theme parks, and these can often be just as fun, and a lot of these options will be much cheaper.

We can not deny just how fun visiting theme parks is, but sometimes the cost of visiting, especially for a larger family or group can be overwhelming.

This can put a lot of stress on your trip making you feel like you have to spend every moment perfectly.

This is why we think that taking some time out of your Orlando trip to not be in the parks is a great way to enjoy your trip more, save some money, and have a more relaxing time.

Spending your whole vacation stressed is no way to enjoy yourself!

On this list we have collected a massive 55 different options of things to do in Orlando which are outside of the parks.

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of choice, so we have gathered everything into different categories so you can use this system to work out what is best.

These categories include; outdoors activities, indoors activities, museums, live shows, shopping spots, and Orlando attractions, so no matter what you are looking for, you will find something fun to do. 

While not all of the options on this list may not be directly in Orlando, they will all be easy to access so you do not have to worry about travelling too far!

While there are some great options on this list to go to last minute, if you plan your trip in advance, you can save a lot of money, so if you decide to do something before your trip,

try and book tickets as soon as possible as the more time you have to prepare, you will tend to get a better deal.

If you do not have a car in the city, getting Lyfts or Ubers is a very viable option and these services are widely used, but depending on where you want to go, there may even be shuttle bus services which will be free if you have a ticket, so preparation is everything!

So, if you want to plan out your Orlando holiday, but you do not want to spend your whole trip in theme parks, keep reading for some of the best options.

Outdoor Activities In And Nearby Orlando

If the weather is good and you want to do something outdoors, there are some amazing outdoors activities which are in and around Orlando which will be fun for the whole family, so read carefully to find the best ideas for you!

Ride A Horse

If you have never been horse riding and have always wanted to, trying out this fun hobby while you are on vacation is a great way to spend your time.

Florida has some beautiful trails with varying difficulty levels making this something super fun to do with kids even if they are inexperienced. 

See Dolphins In The Wild

With all the beautiful beaches in and near Orlando, seeing dolphins in the wild is one of the best things to do with the family and this is even more magical to do if you have never seen dolphins in the wild before!

Some of the best boat tours available to see these dolphins are in Clearwater, like Little Toot for example.

Monster Truck Tour In The Swamps

For something classically Florida which is plenty of fun for any age, you can get a tour of the swamps done in a monster truck making this one of the most unique experiences available in Florida.

This custom tour is about an hour long so it is not as long and arduous as some other tours, and you will hopefully get to see some classic Florida wildlife like alligators, snapping turtles, as well as snakes.

You will also get to learn about geology when visiting their gem mine, as well as get an opportunity to taste local jellies and jams, and try some delicious hand-made fruit slushies.

Orlando Balloon Rides

If you have never gone on a hot air balloon and it is on your bucket list, going on a hot air balloon ride over Orlando will be unforgettable!

There are a few different services for this, and hot air balloon rides can be quite unpredictable due to relying on weather conditions, but if you can go on a perfect day, this will be something you will remember forever, just make sure you are not scared of heights!

Go On An Airboat Ride

Another classic Florida tourist idea is to do an airboat ride so you can ride over the Everglades of Orlando.

Riding on these airboats is plenty of fun and a very unique experience, so if you have ever wanted to try something like this, now is the time to try it!

If you go on an airboat ride with Boggy creek you will get the experience of the airboat ride, but you will also get more with this, getting a chance to go prospecting for stones and fossils with your kids and for a pretty cheap price you can get a bucket of treasure to dig through.

Just make sure to wear the ear defenders provided as the airboats can get very loud, and wear long sleeves since the flies can be very annoying and something you do not want to let ruin your trip!

Weeki Wachee Springs

These springs are a perfect example of nature’s beauty in Florida and are a great chill place to visit if you want to have a day trip away from the city.

This is a beautiful combination of a park and a beach.

The springs are under 2 hours from Orlando, but if you want a beautiful and more relaxing getaway, this is a great option to go for!

Rent Yourself A Paddleboard

If you have always wanted to go paddle boarding, there are a few different places you can do this in Orlando.

Our favorite places to go ended up being Lake Killarney or Wekiva Island since this is where we had the most fun, so go to whichever of these is closer to you if you want to have a fun time!

Swim With Manatees In The Crystal River

Now if you want something which will be super fun to do with the whole family, and want to get away from the city for a day, going to the Crystal River to swim with the manatees is a really fun trip to make and a very unique experience which you will not get anywhere else.

Getting to the beautiful Crystal River will take around an hour and a half depending on where you are in the city, but the trip is well worth it!


Gatorland is perhaps one of the most iconic places you can visit in Orlando with gators being an iconic feature of the state.

This park features plenty of crocodiles and alligators as you can imagine, but do not worry about this being all they have as there is plenty more to do here.

They also have a stunning free-flight aviary, as well as a petting zoo, some spectacular animal shows, as well as an off road adventure and a zip line.

Harry P. Leu Gardens

These gardens are a beautiful place to visit, and if you want a more relaxed day trip without a strict itinerary, this will be one of the best places to visit!

Lake Eola Park

If you want another option for a relaxed day out, Lake Eola park may be a little closer to you, and a fun activity you can try out is renting a swan boat to paddle into the river with.

This is a fun activity to do with friends, family, or a partner.

Tibet Butler Preserve

If you want a more educational experience, going to the Tibet Butler Preserve is an amazing opportunity to learn about the amazing ecosystem which is thriving in Florida and why it is so important!

Winter Park

Winter Park

Winter Park is a beautiful area to visit which is home to an astounding 70 parks which all have their own unique festivals, events, and special celebrations meaning there will nearly always be something fun going on to keep you entertained!

There are also some amazing farmer’s markets which you will find at the parks as well as delicious restaurants to visit.

This city is also filled with its own unique arts and culture scene with museums to visit if this is what you enjoy!

This city is only about 5 miles from Orlando, so spending a couple of days here is a great way to diversify your trip!

Safari Wilderness Ranch

If you want to have an up close and personal experience with animals like elands and zebras, going to the Safari Wilderness Ranch will be a great way to spend your time.

If you or your family love animals, this is a great day trip idea!

Exotic Animal Experience

If you want an animal experience which features some creatures which are a bit more local to Florida, then doing the Exotic Animal Experience is a great way to interact with the wildlife!

Extreme Jet Ski In Orlando

If you want a bit more of an active activity, then trying out jet skiing will definitely be a fun time!

Doing this with Extreme Jet Ski in Orlando is a great service to use and will ensure that you have all the skills and equipment you need to have a great time!

Helicopter Tours

If you like the idea of seeing the city from the sky, but a balloon trip does not appeal to you, then maybe getting a helicopter tour will be something you would prefer.

Forever Florida Zip Lines

There is a beautiful nature reserve in St. Cloud and here you will find some super fun activities for all the family.

The main selling point is the spectacular zip lines, but there are also other fun activities like horseback riding, as well as camping.

There is plenty to do here so it is well worth travelling to.

Busch Gardens

If you have never been to Busch Gardens you are missing out as this area is filled with plenty of fun attractions and rides which are fun for everyone!

Legoland Orlando

If you or your kids are obsessed with Lego, then this is an amazing place to visit which you are all sure to love.

The resort is only about 45 minutes away from Orlando and it features over 50 different attractions and rides as well as shows,

as well as having its own water park.

Pirate Golf

If you want a fun activity to keep you and the family entertained, trying out Pirate Golf is a great idea with the amazing landscaping work which has been done in the area!

Even better, if you have kids under 3, they get to come in for free!

There are plenty of mini golf locations to try in Orlando, so if this is an activity you enjoy, this is something you should look out for!


If you have never heard of it Revolution is an attraction park which is off road themed.

Some of the included activities are; quad bike riding, mucky duck which is an 8 wheel vehicle which is amphibious which can ride through ponds and lakes, as well as archery, clay shooting and fishing.

This is a great idea if you have older kids who like fun activities like these!

Dinosaur World

If you or your kids absolutely love dinosaurs, visiting this park is a super fun activity!

This park features over 100 dinosaur statues which are life size and placed within natural settings and loads of beautiful trees to give you and the dinos shade on hotter days.

There are interactive exhibits to keep you entertained as well as a playground perfect to keep the younger kids entertained.

West Orange Trail Bike Rides

These trail bikes are offered with an hourly rental rate, or you can get them for the whole day. You can ride these bikes wherever you want, or you can get a guided tour throughout different parts of Orlando if you want to see the sights in a unique way!

City Sightseeing

There are some double decker buses which ride around the city which is a low effort way to see the sights of the city without having to get yourself around.

Just make sure to wear sunscreen if you are planning to sit on the top especially if the weather is intense.

Fun Spot America

If you love roller coasters and go karting, going to Fun Spot America is a great day out to do some activities with the kids and have a great time!

Indoor Attractions In Orlando

If the weather is not permitting outdoor activities, or if you want a day out of the harsh Orlando sun, doing an indoor activity is often a great way to spend your day!

All these options will be plenty of fun so keep reading!

Crayola Experience Orlando

If you want to try something completely different and have kids who love doing art, then it is definitely worth your time to consider the Crayola Experience in Orlando as this is a super fun indoors activity if you want to get away from the sun and have a chill day where the kids can be easily entertained!

This experience is actually located inside the Florida Mall making it easy to get to, and also meaning it is surrounded in other activities to do if you want to not dedicate the whole day to this.

It has a super bright and cheerful design making it engaging for kids. 

Once you get in you will be given tokens to interact with the 26 attractions which are all interactive and get to have Crayola themed fun.

One of the best activities we recommend is getting to choose a crayon which you get to melt down and then use a machine to mold it into a different shape to keep as a souvenir.

This is just one of the amazing activities on offer with another favorite of ours being the drip art where you are making artistic masterpieces using melted wax.

There are so many different activities to do here to spend your time, and getting in is well worth the cost of entry.

Having this experience located inside the mall is perfect so you can visit without having your whole day lost to just doing this as well!

Sea Life Center

Now if your kids love sea life then there is nowhere better to visit than the Sea Life center.

There are plenty of interactive activities for you and your kids to enjoy and have fun with,

so if you want to have a fun day out without having to be outdoors the whole day, doing the Sea Life center is a really fun option!

The Escape Game

The Escape Game is a typical 60 minute escape room game giving you the choice between 5 differently themed rooms to try an escape from meaning there will be something for everyone.

The themes include; The Heist, Gold Rush, Mars, Prison break, and Classified. The rooms can fit up to 8 people making it a good choice if you have a group under this size.

Just make sure everyone is over the age of 13 to be able to participate!


This is another choice for escape rooms in Orlando and has loads of different themes available as well.

You will want your group to be between 2 and 6 people and it is advised for children to not participate as the games will likely be too confusing.

I Drive Nascar Indoor Kart Racing

If you want another indoor kart racing option, doing the I Drive Nascar Indoor Racing is a great option.


This is an indoor amusement park which is designed as an upside down version of the White House.

There are plenty of different experiences for the whole family to enjoy from a floor being dedicated to laser tag, to earthquake and hurricane simulators.

If you want a unique experience this is a great choice.

Winter Club Indoor Ski And Snowboard

If you or your family love snow activities like skiing or snowboarding, going here is a great way to do something to cool down whether you are beginners or more experienced.

Andretti Indoor Karting

This is another great option for indoor karting, but there are also some other great attractions like zip lining available too,

just make sure your kids reach the height requirements.

The Great Magic Hall

If your kids are fans of magic tricks, going to the Great Magic Hall is a great way to spend a day out in Orlando.

Orlando Cat Cafe

Now if you or your family love cats but can not have any in your own house, or maybe your vacation has got you missing your pets, going to this cat café is a great cute and relaxed way to spend a few hours.

Disney Springs

If you want to enjoy some of the Disney magic without having to go to the more expensive parks, going to Disney Springs is a great way to feel the magic without having to invest loads of money into tickets.

The Best Orlando Attractions To Do With Kids

For some more famous examples of attractions which are perfect to do with kids in Orlando, we have a couple examples here if you want to see some of the most famous attractions in Orlando which will not be anywhere else!

Kennedy Space Center

If you want an inspiring day out to go to with the whole family, then the Kennedy Space Center, is a great option with plenty of different ticket options depending on what you want to see and do throughout the impressive exhibit.

As well as some rides there are plenty of shows as well as IMAX 3D movies as well.

This is a great option to go to with just adults or kids as well since the center is educational and entertaining enough for a group of just adults,but if you are bringing kids, there are plenty of different things to do with them to keep them satisfied as well.

This is one of the best days out available in Orlando, so if you want a great way to spend the day, definitely consider the Space Center.

The Wheel At Icon Park

This is a massive 400 foot tall ferris wheel which is located at ICON park and is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Orlando.

You can access the wheel at day to get an amazing view, or at night if you want to see the amazing wheel lit up against the darkness.

The Best Shopping Spots In Orlando To Go With Kids

If you love getting a chance to do some good shopping when you are on a vacation, we have included some great spots for you to go shopping in Orlando.

Orlando Premium Outlets

If you want to get some more luxury good when clothes shopping, but do not want to break the bank completely, then consider going to the Premium Outlets in Orlando to get some amazing quality clothing for a more affordable price.

Mall At Millenia

One of our favorite malls to visit when in Orlando is the mall at Millenia which features some great shops and designer brands available, but also has an extensive soft play area if you do not want to drag kids around with you for the whole day.

American Girl Doll Store In The Florida Mall

If you have a child who loves to collect dolls and loves American Girl dolls specifically, going to the American Girl Doll store which is located inside the Florida Mall is going to be a magical experience.

While the dolls are as notoriously expensive as ever, going to this store with your little one will be unforgettable.

Pointe Orlando

If you want a fun area to spend the day out, going to Pointe Orlando is a great place to either watch movies, do some shopping, or visit some fun attractions as well.

Universal City Walk

Located just outside Universal Studios, Universal City Walk has some of the best shops all located in one space sharing the same magical atmosphere as a theme park without having to pay to get in.

The Best Museums To Go To In And Close To Orlando

If you are a fan of museums and want to get some history and education in your trip, these are some of the best options!

St Augustine

This museum covers US history as well as some focus on pirates making this an educational experience for kids and adults alike.

There are plenty of attractions here to keep everyone entertained and the museum is not that far out from Orlando.

The Titanic Museum

This museum has some artifacts which have been recovered from the wreckage as well as room recreations from the incident, so if you are interested in the history of this catastrophe, this is a great place to visit!

Orlando Science Center

If you or your group are interested in science and science related educational activities, going to this science center is a great way to spend a day making the museum experience fun and interactive.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

With some fantastical activities to partake in, visiting this museum will be a fun day out to do with kids.

Orlando Museum Of Art

This art museum is a great way to get some culture into your trip and if you are an art lover this will be even better.

The World Of Chocolate Museum

Now if you love chocolate missing The World Of Chocolate museum will be a massive mistake!

Live Shows For Kids In Orlando

The Medieval Times

This is a family friendly medieval feast experience which is fun for the whole family so if you want a fun dinner, this is where you should go!

Rock Dinner Show

For a completely different experience, experiencing pop and rock icons at the ROCK dinner show will be a blast.

Blue Man Group

For a combination of art, music, and technology, visiting the iconic Blue Man Group, will be a great experience.

Dr Phillips Center For The Performing Arts

If you want to catch a Broadway show, going to this performing arts center will be a fun day out.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

For a fun pirate adventure with the family, missing this dinner show would be a mistake!

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

If you are a fan of mysteries with your dinner, experiencing this interactive dinner show is a great way to spend an evening with delicious food to match the experience.

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