Top 9 Adriatic Coast Cultural Tours You Have To Go On

When it comes to lace to visit in Mediterranean Europe, you have plenty of options to choose from.

However, despite this plethora of options for places to visit on that net big Europe visit, many people seem to default to the big hitters, so to speak.

Top 9 Adriatic Coast Cultural Tours You Have To Go On

Places like France, Spain, Italy (especially Italy), and Greece tend to be the most visited places, both for locals, as well as travelers a little further afield.

However, there is so much more to see in Europe to see, and these Adriatic tours are all the proof you need that these other corners of this beautiful seaside neighborhood should be seen and experienced

Adriatic Coast, An Overlooked Gem

The countries that we have mentioned are worth a visit. Florence, Genoa, Sardegna, Valencia, Barcelona (see also ‘Barcelona or Madrid?‘), Rome. They’re all incredible places that could fill up their list of holidays by themselves.

However, just a little west of these Major European staples, you have an entire coastline to explore, and all of it is every bit as much dripping with beautiful sites and ancient history as the Western side of this inland sea is.

While Greece is a big stopping point for tourists, there are so many other spots, cities, and countries to pick from.

Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia. Heck, if you’re including the entire coastline of this corner of the Mediterranean, Turkey and East Italy are also on the list of places to go.

There’s so much here that it can be a little overwhelming to try and pick just one locale.

However, that’s why tours across the Adriatic coastline have become very popular in the last few years, helping you cover plenty of ground and history, whilst getting a taste of what a vacation could be like in this corner of the world.

So, with that out of the way, here are our picks for the best tours across this particular coastline!

Kotor: Private Walking Tour With Wine & Food Tasting

Kotor might sound like an unassuming town, but you would be mistaken, being one of the most popular places to visit in all of Croatia, with a distinct Old Town that is filled to the brim with history.

As such, quite a few of the tours in this list take place here, with so much for this cultural hub in the Adriatic to offer.

This tour in particular is a great way to experience Old Town. Not just for the amazing food and drink that are on offer with this package (although they are incredible, of course).

The anecdotes that you’ll here, as well as the little nuggets of information that this historical city is packed full of, will make this European city come alive, as you get a sense of the sheer scope of history that this corner of the Mediterranean has experienced

Discover Sarajevo & Bosnia Herzegovina, 4-Day Tour

Of course, not all the tours packed into this list will be single-city tours. There’s a whole coastline to explore out here, for pete’s sake!

So, some of the tours that are on offer here show you some of the hidden gems away from the main city hubs that these countries have to show you.

This particular 4-day tour is one such excellent example. Starting in the economic and cultural capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo, you’ll be taken on a whirlwind tour of not just the biggest city in the country, but also its stunning countryside and other cities too!

Your accommodation will be covered as part of the package, leaving you stress-free, and, more importantly, free to enjoy Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Exciting & Historical Perast

Montenegro has plenty of beautiful seaside cities and tones for you to explore. Alongside the equally gorgeous Kotor, there is also the picturesque Perast.

Although your tour will start in Kotor (as perhaps all good Montenegro tours should), you will soon find yourself along the Boka Bay, as well as taking a boat ride to the islets off the coast of this culture and history-filled town.

You’ll even get the chance to go to the legendary Lady of our Rocks.

Old history and myth have it that, in ancient times, a sailor made an oath on a small rock off the coast, and every visit after this, sailors would bring a rock as tribute, eventually turning the rock into the little island we know today!

And that’s just one of the locales that you’ll be visiting!

If that’s the kind of history and culture we can share with you in this guide, just imagine the stories that you’ll hear by going there yourself!

Mostar & Kravice Waterfall Tours From Dubrovnik

Mostar & Kravice Waterfall Tours From Dubrovnik

Obviously (as it seems to be with every corner of Europe, it seems), there is history and culture in every corner of the Mediterranean.

Not just in the cultural or historic capitals, but also in the countryside as well. Many small Mediterranean villages lay just off the beaten path, waiting to be found by intrepid tourists.

Well, this is why tours like this are such a great idea, allowing you to cram in these incredible spots and towns in the space of a single day, or two at most.

This tour is a perfect example, taking you on a small day trip from the cultural capital of Dubrovnik, out across the border to Mostar & Kravice.

A day trip that crosses a border. Can you get more European than that?

This is the perfect little day excursion for smaller groups that want to experience more than what they see in the capital. Consider booking your vacation today!

Private Tours For Kotor, Perast, Our Lady Of The Rock, Budva

As we have already established, Montenegro is packed to the brim with history.

And thanks to it being located near so many other Adriatic countries, it probably isn’t too surprising that it is something of a local hotspot.

This private tour makes full use of that fact, taking you on an extensive trip across the cultural capital, as well as plenty of the surrounding countryside and islands.

Plus, with this tour being a private tour, you can take your time soaking in all the sites with this tour.

No need to frantically try and keep up with a massive tour bus full of other travelers. You can go to all of the locations on offer, or just a few.

That flexibility sets this tour apart from others, and why we recommend this to anyone who loves the sightseeing, while also going at their own pace.

Best Of Croatia Group Tour

Of course, there’s more to Croatia than just Its capital and the coast. There is so much else in this old country that needs to be seen and experienced!

So, if you feel like seeing the best of the country, and not just one city, this will be the tour for you!

This tour starts in the capital of Zagreb, before slowly making its way down the coast over a week-long period, giving you plenty of time to absorb the culture from these various Mediterranean cities!

Along the way, you’ll be spending a day in a different city across the Croatian countryside and coastline, from Zagreb, to Plitvice, to two days in Split, to Mostar, to the final two days staying in, you guessed it, Dubrovnik!

You’ll get a real sese of how life and the country is across these different locales, and an appreciation for the cultural differences even within a single country.

No country is a monolith, and this amazing tour across this Adriatic country proves just that!

The Great Montenegro Tour from Kotor

Moving further down the Adriatic coast to Croatia’s neighbor, we have a very similar to be experienced for Montenegro too!

From the cultural hub that we have come to know and love, this particular tour takes you from Kotor to the idyllic rural village of Njegusi, where you’ll experience plenty of the beautiful Montenegro countryside that you otherwise might’ve missed by staying back in Kotor.

From the mountainous alps, to sampling local delicacies and treats, and even taking a peek at Njegusi’s mausoleum.

If you’re looking for a trip that take you out of Kotor, this might be one of the most charming on this list!

Walking Tour Of Split With A ‘Magister’ Of History

Of course, city tours are pretty incredible in their own right. These hubs of history are packed to the brim with tasty tidbits and information to absorb about local culture.

That is, of course, if you can find the right tour guide to go with you!

Forutnatley, this final Adriatic Cultural tour, taking place in the Croatian city of Split, has just the tour for you!

This tour comes with a local historian who will be able to share with you some truly incredible stories about the city, and plenty more to boot!

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to experience and explore the Adriatic coastline, and experience tons of culture at the same time.

We hope that you enjoy your next visit to this beautiful part of the Mediterranean.

Mylene Mace