Top 10 Central Kenya Cultural Tours You Have To Go On

Kenya is among Africa’s most stunning and distinct destinations, and what better way to truly discover a location than with a cultural tour?!

Top 10 Central Kenya Cultural Tours You Have To Go On

By taking part in globally recognized and professional tours, you can now see what Kenya has to offer with internationally-significant habitats and pristine wilderness where you’ll see free-roaming wildlife, including everything from endangered and rare species to the Big Five. 

The adventure and intrigue of Kenya date back centuries, with its miles of stretched white sand beaches and excursions into divergent deserts and dense forests, it is only of the most ecologically diverse continents. 

Kenya has much to offer from her highest peaks to her deepest ocean depths, providing you with a trip of a lifetime. 

With this in mind, this article will be exploring the top 10 Central Kenya cultural tours you have to go on. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

Tea Farm And Factory Tour From Nairobi

Experience the famous tea of Africa in the Tea Farm and Factory Tour. Here, you’ll view the green agricultural economic practices, which don’t allow for the use of pesticides. 

Instead of mechanical harvesting, all the tea is handpicked, helping employment rates in the area. Likewise, all the agriculture is rain-fed, with no need for depleting underground water aquifers. 

The farm you’ll be visiting is grown of 30% fertile volcanic soil, featuring canopies of trees with some being indigenous. 

As your tour progresses, you’ll be able to enjoy the serene environment that is accompanied by the songs of wildlife including birdsong and the occasional monkey chattering, and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding farms. 

On a clear day, you may even be able to see Mount Kenya. 

The Future Leaders Of Kenya

This is a recommended and accredited tour by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) which offers an authentic, curated, unique, and a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime experience in the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection. 

Here, you’ll get involved and help disadvantaged communities within the area which is a great opportunity to engage and socialize with local people and a rewarding experience for socially responsible travelers. 

In this One Horizon day tour, you’ll go to the outskirts of Nairobi and visit one of the local feeding centers which provide families with one nutritious meal per day. 

Here, you’ll offer a helping hand in preparing and distributing meals to families, and, in return, will witness firsthand how communities come together to help feed the most vulnerable. 

Together We Can (4 Unforgettable Days)

Together We Can is a tour of the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection that is accredited by the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB). 

During this 4–Day One Horizon cultural exchange tour, you’ll be involved in visiting four grassroots Kenya communities that are rarely engaged with tourists. 

Here, you’ll take an active role in some of the organizations’ projects and meet the people coming together to join forces and bring change to economic and social welfare. 

Donate your time to meet the courageous and strong women at a lifestyle and vocation training center, be inspired by the entrepreneurial-spirited Kenyan grandmothers, and lend a helping hand in a local soup kitchen. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave you feeling both heartened and humbled.

You’ll finish the tour by meeting the Massai and learning about their unique ways of life that are centuries of years old. 

3 Days Aberdares

3 Days Aberdares

The Aberdare National Park is a division of the Aberdare Mountain Range, a district featuring diverse and stunning terrain where deep ravines slice through the forested slopes and jagged peaks reach heights of 3,939m. 

This game reserve is great for spotting diverse wildlife, trout fishing, picnics, and walking while enjoying the spectacular views.

The mountainous terrain is covered with thick tropical forests blanketed in layers of mist. 

This rainforest is an important water catchment region, featuring stunning rivers and streams home to various wildlife.

Insights Of Kenyan Life (6 Days And Memories For Life) 

Again, this Insights of Life tour is a part of the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection so you know you’re in for an unforgettable experience. 

And this tour is without exception, it features an eye-opening 6-day cultural safari, providing tourists with the chance to meet local Kenyans from all walks of life and listen to inspiring and motivational stories. 

Here, you’ll find people who have found the strength and courage to break free from the shackles of poverty, and provide others with the chance, too. 

Offer a helping hand by donating your free time to a soup kitchen to help feed hungry children, listen to steadfast grandmothers who are the foundation of many enterprises, and learn all about vocational training that is keeping families together and empowering women. 

Likewise, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to visit some historic locations and eat some traditional meals for an all-around Nairobi experience. 

Moreover, you’ll visit a Massai village and learn what it takes to be a part of a tribe, before taking a relaxing trip to the beautiful Lake Naivasha. 

Kiambethu Tea Farm Tour  (From Nairobi) Limuru, Tigoni – Kenya

Take time to relax at this aromatic tea farm where you’ll make the most out of your half-day tour by feasting on a deliciously scrumptious buffet for lunch. 

You’ll learn all about the life of a settler farm and understand the making and growing process of tea in the region. 

It’s Happening Now (5 Days Which Will Change Your Life)

Again, a part of the Magical Kenya Signature Experience Collection, this It’s Happening Now tour explores the One Horizon sustainability program. 

This provides you with an active role in supporting Kenya’s most vulnerable by making the step away from poverty into a brighter future. 

Here, you do everything from visiting children feeding centers –a local innovative city farm –, to taking part in a women’s empowerment project – where you’ll have the opportunity to engage and meet extremely inspirational people who are taking steps to create a better world –, and get an insight into Kenyan culture. 

This is an experience that very few tourists will ever get to experience. Moreover, you’ll visit a traditional Massai village where you’ll learn all about tribal life.

Then, you’ll take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some relaxing wildlife spotting with a trip to the stunning Lake Naivasha. 

Kiambethu Tea Farm Full-Day Tour From Nairobi With Lunch

Kiambethu Tea Farm Full-Day Tour From Nairobi With Lunch

Among Kenya’s oldest tea plantations, Kiambethu is located approximately 30km away from Nairobi.

Dating back to 1910, the house is situated among color gardens and has housed four generations of families. 

When at the family-run business, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious ‘tea luncheon’ with the owners of the Kiambethu Tea Farm: Marcus and Fiona Mitchell. 

A trip to the farm makes for a memorable half-day excursion, where you’ll learn all about the tea-making process while enjoying a superb lunch. 

When accompanied by the resident professional Kenyan guide, you can also take a step into the small indigenous forest, learning all about the different plants and their uses.

Here, you can spot resident Colobus monkeys and native birds. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy the sweeping views from the tea field all the way to the Ngong Hills. 

The Best Of Naivasha Walking Tour

Together, with your professional tour guide, you’ll visit one of the most charming places located in the city.

There is no better place in the whole of Kenya to lose yourself to the magnificent ancient world than Naivasha – it’s like an open-air museum!

Ever heard the tales of Lord Egerton Castle? On this tour, you’ll explore everything the city has to offer while being informed about fascinating legends and facts. 

For the bird lovers out there, Naivasha is home to thousands of species, making it the perfect place for birdwatching. 

Along your journey, you’ll be surprised to hear all about the stories hidden behind the city’s walls. With your guide, you’ll learn about the unique and special living environment of the city. 

Hell’s Gate And Lake Naivasha Guided Tour From Nairobi

Spend your day visiting Hell’s Gate National Park, the only place you’re allowed to drive, walk, or even cycle through.

Enhance your trip with a boat ride across Lake Naivasha where, if you’re fortunate, you may spot some big hippos lounging on the shores of the lake, as well as various water bird species. 

Final Thoughts

Africa is a continent like no other, this is one of the reasons for its growing popularity in tourism.

Here, you can see environments, wildlife, and cultures that can’t be found on any other continent.

If you’re visiting Kenya, then, to make the most out of your trip, you may be considering a guided cultural tour.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about the best cultural tour to go on when visiting Kenya. 

Mylene Mace