Top 8 Costa Rica Cultural Tours To You Have To Go On

Costa Rica might just be one of the most fascinating places to visit in Central America.

Located just south of Mexico, this small country is located almost right on top of the equator.

With a vibrant history as full of life and color as many other places across Latin America and the Caribbean, it can be a tall task to try and absorb it all in just one visit.

Top 8 Costa Rica Cultural Tours To You Have To Go On

Heck, some people spend months, if not years, living in this country, only to scratch the surface in terms of the culture in this green and a verdant slice of paradise.

That’s why many cultural tours have popped up in this corner of the world over the last few years.

With the right locales and the right guides, you’ll be able to experience even more of what Costa Rica has to offer its guests.

That is, of course, if you can find the right tours to go on for yourself! This is why finding the right one can make or break vacation here.

Fortunately, we have done some of the heavy work for you, by picking and choosing some of the best cultural tours that you can take across the country right here, in this guide!

Costa Rica: Open Waves & Sunsets

Let’s not beat around the tropical rainforest bush here: Costa Rica is gorgeous from top to bottom.

And one of the most popular reasons that people visit this corner of Latin America is to get a glimpse of the almost untouched rainforest that the country is known for.

So, if you want a chance to experience as much of the glorious forest that covers much of this beautiful country, you’re going to need to find a good tour to take you across it, both for the best experience and for safety.

This particular tour handles both for you, and then some! 

This 8-day package holiday takes you across the whole country, starting in the capital of San José, then take you to La Fortuna, before hopping over to Santa Teresa / Montezuma, before then heading back to San José on the last day.

Not only will you get to see Costa Rica from many different key locations, but you will also be taking in plenty of the country’s natural beauty too on nature hikes, and exploring hot springs and waterfalls just to name a few features.

Coffee Experience, Poas Volcano, And La Paz Waterfall Gardens

One of the things that everyone knows about Costa Rica is the high-quality coffee that is grown there and is one of the country’s major exports across the world.

Prized across the world for its bitter and strong flavor, Costa Rica coffee is many people’s favorite.

So naturally, many people are likely to be curious about how exactly it is made for them.

Well, with this cultural tour that lets you see just how it is farmed, you will have to wonder no more!

You’ll be taken on an extensive tour of Doka Coffee Estate, and will show the entire life cycle of the coffee beans that make up your favorite cup of joe, from the plantation, all the way to go into your cup.

You won’t just be looking at and talking about coffee beans, either.

You’ll also be taken on an extensive hike to Poas Volcano National Park, and see the active volcanoes for yourself, before finishing off the day with another walk across La Paz Waterfall.

Lunch and breakfast are included too, so don’t be worried about keeping yourself fed through this adventure too!

North Fields Cafe: Craft Specialty Coffee & Chocolate Tour

With coffee being such a massive import across Costa Rica, it shouldn’t be too surprising that a few very wonderful tours would pop up across this Caribbean country.

However, alongside the coffee tour that this cultural little trip will take you on, you’ll also be able to catch more than a glimpse at one of Costa Rica’s other main exports.

Next to coffee, chocolate, or cocoa beans are another major agricultural export of the country, and are arguably a topic that many more people are fascinated by.

While coffee is an acquired taste, after all, chocolate is loved and eaten by everybody! So naturally, people are going to want to know where it comes from.

This tour helps answer that question, with one part focused on coffee bean growth, and another allowing for a guided tour and exploration of cacao bean growth, as well as a tour for sugarcane too.

You’ll even get to taste some of the finest custom chocolate in the region!

Basic Costa Rica: Coastlines & Cloud Forests

Of course, coffee and cocoa aside, it is the natural world of Costa Rica that people want to see.

And with so much of it to go around, we can’t exactly leave this guide with just one tour of this country’s beautiful landscape, can we?

This next tour is perfect for you to enjoy the entire country throughout an exquisite 14-day long tour across the country.

Starting in San José, you’ll be picked up and spend the first day and a half there, before moving on to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

Here, you’ll be able to experience and enjoy two full days on the Caribbean coast of this tropical paradise, before going to San Carlos, then heading over to the popular town of La Fortuna to enjoy the waterfalls there.

And this is just the first week! You’ll be traveling all across the country, experiencing all that the wild side of this country has to offer, before heading back to San José on day 14, back where you started.

This is one trip that you don’t want to miss out on, that’s for sure!

Rainforest Chocolate Tour From La Fortuna

Rainforest Chocolate Tour From La Fortuna

Did you know that cocoa beans come from rainforest plants?

If you want to learn even more about how these incredible plants grow for yourself, then you have to get yourself on this tour to find out more!

On this tour, you’ll visit a farm where cocoa beans are produced and harvested, whilst also getting to know a little more about the history, culture, and production of this sweet treat as it is harvested in this corner of the equator.

When it comes to learning about how these plants are cultivated, grown, and harvested, you won’t find a sweeter deal to learn more than with this tour!

Full Day Nicaragua Tour From Costa Rica

Moving on from that terrible fun, we take a step away from the tropical rainforest and agriculture that Costa Rica is known for, and move to a different kind of cultural hotspot for you to enjoy.

Alongside the rainforests and fields of Costa Rica’s countryside, its neighboring countries hold just as much history and culture as this forested idyllic nation.

This particular tour takes you from San José to the country of Nicaragua, another picturesque Caribbean country that has plenty of sights to see.

The tour will allow you to see the many sights and sounds of the southern part of the country, without having to worry about transport or going across the border.

Plus, if you plan your itinerary right, you’ll have time to see all of this, as well as go shopping, see a little wildlife, and even get a boat right in there too!

San Jose Walking & Bus City Tour

We’ve mentioned San José a few times in this guide so far, but we haven’t explained too much about the city itself.

And that’s a shame! For the country’s capital city, there are tons to explore in this metropolitan urban center of trade, commerce, history, and culture!

This particular tour helps solve that little problem, by letting you explore this city both on foot, and on a bus!

Experience everything this city has to offer, from good food to exciting and interesting history, and admire the gorgeous architecture that this city is known for!

(so much amazing architecture…)

Plus, you’ll also get a strong sense of the culture simply by going through this tour. The bus itself plays classic Costa Rican music, and the many vendors and shops at Central market have plenty to offer you!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out this incredible city for yourself right now!

Tortuguero Canals, Including Playa Bonita & Puerto Limon Highlights

Finally, we have our final tour to show you this incredible country.

Puerto Limon is the local capital of the province of the same name and is a hotspot for culture, history, and wildlife.

All of which you will be able to experience from this single tour!

From the biodiversity of the Tortuguero canal to the incredible and beautiful Playa Bonita.

If you’re looking to balance the nature of Costa Rica with its thrilling culture, this is the tour to take!

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

There is so much that you can do in this little corner of the Caribbean, so make full use of these tours for yourself on your next visit!

Mylene Mace