Top 10 Madikeri Cultural Tours You Have To Go On

If you’re vacationing to India, then you’ll want to stop off at the town of Madikeri.

Why? Well, it’s surrounded by the beautiful mountain range of the Whestern Ghats for a start, which makes it quite a breathtaking place to be.

Top 10 Madikeri Cultural Tours You Have To Go On

On top of that, it’s got plenty of historical interest, especially with the famous Raja’s Seat area. 

The best way to really get to know a place that you’ve never visited before is by taking part in cultural tours!

Cultural tours do all the research work for you, taking you to the most important must-see locations somewhere, and educating you on their history and meaning. Better yet, they’re fun to do!

In our handy guide below, we’ve got the top 10 Madikeri cultural tours you have to go on. Whatever you’re looking to see in Madikeri, there’s sure to be a tour here that ticks your boxes!

High Ropes Adventure Course In Madikeri

We’re beginning our list with a cultural tour that’s best for the brave ones among you! If you don’t like heights, then this may not be the choice for you – unless you want to challenge yourself. 

If you do like heights, though, then this is certainly going to be a thrilling way to experience the dense tree lines of Madikeri.

With a two hour long adventure experience, you’ll be climbing high up into the gorgeous evergreen trees.

Up there, you’ll be able to enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings, giving you a vantage point that’s difficult to get elsewhere. 

On top of that, there are six varying obstacle courses for you to complete up there. These include such exciting features as a wobbling bridge, twin cables, and a large hammock.

Oh, and did we mention multiple ziplines too? That’s right, you can zip through the trees, watching the gorgeous and lush Madikeri scenery rush past beneath you. 

All safety equipment is provided, so you don’t need to worry about any dangers when you’re up there – which will allow you to soak up the beautiful views even more. 

The Coorg Food Crawl – Food Tasting Tour

Once you’ve got tired out from all the rush of the treeline adventure course, what better way to recover than with a brilliant selection of local Madikeri cuisine?

The Coorg Food Crawl is a two hour long food tour, which is perfect for tourists as a way to really immerse themselves more in the local culture of Madikeri.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a place is through its cuisine, because it shows you what the locals eat everyday and where their tastes lie. 

You’ll be walking the streets of Coorg, which is near to Madikeri. On the streets, you’ll pass by plenty of food shops, including some of the oldest around.

There you’ll be able to taste a whole range of local snacks and foods, giving you an idea of the culture and the place’s history with food. 

A friendly guide will guide you through it all, telling you facts and stories about your surroundings. 

Coorg Nature Trail BLive Electric Bike Tour 

A great way to get around somewhere is by bike, because it lets you take in all of your new surroundings while feeling a thrilling rush.

Walking is a great way too, letting you soak it all in slowly, but riding a bike can be a more exhilarating time – or a more peaceful time, depending on how fast you cycle!

This Coorg nature trail tour will take you around Madikeri with the use of E-Bikes, which are electric bikes that take some of the effort out of cycling.

You’ll be with a small group of other tourists, and you’ll all be guided through the Madikeri countryside by the trained tour captain.

As you ride, you’ll see plenty of fascinating sights. For example, you’ll see some of Madikeri’s coffee and tea plantations, seeing workers out and doing their business.

You’ll get to interact with some locals, learning firsthand about their place. The tour is three hours long, so you’ll have plenty of time to see the best sights. 

Professional Photoshoot In Coorg

Professional Photoshoot In Coorg

Your memories of your time in Madikeri will stay with you for a long time, but it’s always worth getting some great photos of you there to accompany the memories.

What better way to do this, then, than getting a professional photographer to take the pictures for you?

This is going to be an especially good pick if you;ve got your partner or your family with you, because you can get some loving and sweet pictures of you with those closest to you – surrounded by a gorgeous environment.

You’ll get an hour of photography, with up to 100 pictures being emailed to you afterwards. On top of that, you’ll also get 25 to 30 editec pictures for social media. 

Though this may not seem like a “cultural tour”, it’s still going to show you some of the best places in Madikeri.

Your photos will need the most interesting backgrounds, and so this professional photoshoot can act as a tour of sorts, taking you to the most picturesque locations. 

Coorg Tourist Highlights (Car Tour)

This is a packed 8 hour tour by car of the Madikeri  area, with loads of famous sightseeing spots stopped off at along the way.

The fact that this tour is conducted via car makes it a lot less daunting – imagine walking for 8 hours! 

With a car, you’ll be able to fit more sights into the day, since traveling between them takes less time, and you’ll be able to see plenty of gorgeous Madikeri rolling past the windows as you move. 

The highlights of the tour, which is run by a personal guide, include stops at the Golden Temple, the 17th century Madikeri Fort, and the Omkareshwar Temple.

These are particularly great chances to learn more about Madikeri’s fascinating history. 

On top of that, you’ll also stop at the Raja’s Seat monument, an area that towers above rice paddies and beautiful forests. You’re on top of the world!

Private Tour Of Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation

If you love drinking coffee, you’ll want to find out how it’s made!

This private tour of the Mercara Gold Estate Coffee Plantation is a brilliant way to do just that, showing you the behind the scenes of how some of Madikeri’s most popular coffee is produced. 

You’ll find out about the historic processes, the local roasting techniques, and how they manage to make perfectly balanced blends.

Madikeri Date Night

Madikeri Date Night

If you’re in Madikeri with your partner, you’ll want to do a few romantic things while you’re there. After all, it’s a beautiful location, so why not make some beautiful memories?

This Madikeri date night package from The Quarry Adventures offers you both an enormous romantic meal, with 5 or 7 courses.

You can pick the cuisine, choosing Indian, Asian, or Continental. Since you’re in Madikeri, it’s best to go for the Indian cuisine, so you can learn about the local foods and tastes. However, it’s up to you!

You and your partner can share a romantic three hours, enjoying some of the best food that the region has to offer.

Madikeri Sunset BBQ

This enjoyable BBQ experience is from the same people that brought you the date night package, The Quarry Adventures.

If you tried that and loved it, then this is surely a great pick too! 

The only downside is that you’ll need 10 people or more in order to do the event. Once you’ve got them, you can enjoy a large spread of food: BBQ meat, BBQ veggies, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

It’s a great way to cater to a large group and create some food-based memories in Madikeri. 

Guided Madikeri Trek (Half Day)

This is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful countryside of Madikeri, with a fascinating trek through the region’s thick rainforests.

You’ll be led by a guide, who will be able to navigate the area for you, while also teaching you about the things you see. 

And what things you’ll see! The trek will show you beautiful landscapes, gorgeous trees, lovely peaks, and so much more. 

Heritage & Cultural Trails Of Coorg

We’re finishing our list with another bit of walking, this time showing you some of the most fascinating cultural and historical points of Coorg/Madikeri. 

Over two hours, your guide will help you experience authentic Coorg, immersing yourself in the region.

The guide will educate you on the sights, while also telling fascinating anecdotes – and even occasional funny gossip. 

You’ll see the city through their eyes, the eyes of a local, and therefore find out all kinds of perspectives and hidden gems that you wouldn’t necessarily know were hidden beneath the surface.

Final Thoughts

If you’re visiting the town of Madikeri in India, then you’ll want to immerse yourself in the gorgeous surroundings. Use our handy list to find the best cultural tours for you!

Mylene Mace